Nii Lantey Vanderpuye brought no progress to MOYS-J.Y Appiah

[caption width="470" id="attachment_353455" align="alignnone"] Nii Lantey Vanderpuye[/caption]

A Black Stars Management Committee Member J.Y Appiah says Nii Lantey Vanderpuye's reign as Sports Minister brought no progress to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS).

Mr Appiah noted that Nii Lantey didn't help the growth of sports in the country but rather destroyed it with his decisions.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) was engaged in feud with the MOYS during the reign of Nii Lantey as sector Minister.

In an interview with Asempa FM, Mr Appiah said "Nii Lantey's tenure as sports minister brought no progress to the MOYS".


  1. Eddie says:

    The problem is from the very top. It is beside the point if GFA is “chopping” money or not. The issue is how Hon Nii Lante is toying with the hard earned formidable nature of Ghana football. Just when Ghana football was gaining a winning configuration, Hon Nii Lante comes as an ignorant child to destroy the very delicate balance with terrible decisions. Hon Nii Lante is thinking very short sighted. Nii Lante wants to reduce funds to the black stars and balance it for lesser known sports but his strategies have failed. He has forgotten football is Big Mega money in the world and the fact is that Ghana cannot be isolated. Hon Nii Lante is trying to make Ghana a small money football nation. The smaller the football operating money is the lower Ghana can be on the world stage. Mark this down!! if Nii Lante does not resign or not removed from office, the world cup can be a disgraceful fiasco. Ghana 0:0 Uganda!! you have not seen any disappointment yet. LET US GET HON NII LANTE OUT OF OFFICE. I hear he is trying to block the SA friendly. Sooo childish!! Interfering with the footballing strategic plans? Eeeeii !!! Don’t say we didn’t warn you ooo.

  2. Eddie says:

    IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS IT WOULD BE SAID IN HISTORY THAT YOU PRESIDENT JOHN MAHAMA DESTROYED GHANA FOOTBALL. HON NII LANTE IS ONLY YOUR APPOINTEE OOO!!Get out of office!!! Hon Nii Lante. You are the only factor that has brought disharmony. You are destroying the Atmosphere. President Mahama please withdraw Nii Lante. Please don’t allow Ghana football to go down.

    Look at what you are saying!
    Get out of office!!! Hon Nii Lante. You are the only factor that has brought disharmony. You are destroying the Atmosphere. President Mahama please withdraw Nii Lante. Please don’t allow Ghana football to go down

    Capito, it is not about GFA and Sports Ministry fixing their problem. Lets call a spade a spade and not a spoon. For now, the real problem is from Hon Nii Lante Vanderpuje. All these started when Nii Lante came on the scene. Nii Lante is offsetting the delicate balance with childish lines of action, decisions, taking senseless stance, intercepting the technical plans.
    Capito, don’t be afraid of him. Lets start the process to remove him from office. Otherwise what is happening with the black stars is nothing bad yet. Ghanaians would see real disappointments if Nii Lante stays in office for the next few months.

    Ken, there is no power play here ooo. As a matter of fact it is the Ministry who wills the power here. it is the Nii Lante who is flexing power here. GFA is only an agency of the ministry and therefore under the MOYS. Nii Lante has totally missed the leadership decorum. The one who is leading is to blame including the one who appointed him. PLS LETS GET HIM OUT OFFICE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  3. Eddie says:


    I told you that this man can do anything. According to this article, this plan does not have constitutional legitimacy. he is just rocking the boats and does not care the harm it would cause to Ghana’s current world cup campaign. We do not know the pros and cons of his franchise plan. It is a national asset and for that matter it must be brainstormed extensively with all stakeholders before implementation. Just because Nii Lante is the sports minister does mean he can implement this privatization alone. psychologically, this is not the time to bring this on board. This cannot be done dictatorially.

    As a matter of fact, Just when we were beginning to acquire what it takes to be in the world cup semis this man comes from nowhere to rock the boat. This is very sad. Let him resign from office immediately!!!

    Those who are criticizing Avam Grant, I am sorry to say they are not holistic in their thinking. Very sad. You must know that the slightest things that happen at the top trickles down to every player. What do you think the ‘no money’ mantra by Nii Lante is causing? Players paying for their own tickets, Unstrategic reduction of bonuses, interference of the coach’s technical plans, etc. THE COACH AND PLAYERS DO NOT HAVE THE PEACE OF MIND. Please think. This is one of the best coaches we have. With the right atmosphere and the crop of players who can take inspiration from the team that fought Germany in 2014, we should be sure to reach the world cup semis. Avam Grant said that “if things off the pitch are like Europe, Ghana will do very well.”
    The problem is Coming from Nii Lante. If he resigns everyone can have their peace.

    Ogya, you need to look at it in a balanced manner. Nyantakyi and his FA missed it big time and needed to be corrected. Nii Lante came in and wanted to correct things but his strategies and approaches were wrong and this started to bring Ghana football down. With the rate at which Nii Lante was going, Ghana would have gone down and down. I have always asked Nii Lantre to resign but thank God he is going. I prefer Ghana Football not to be ranked 57 Aaah!!! how!!!!!. Administrative peace is needed for the technical and playing bodies to excel. Nii Lante lost sight of that. It is not about who is a coward and who is not, it is about maintaining the delicate balance. It is about Ghana looking good internationally. We need to solve our problems very carefully without rocking the boat. Thanks.